About - The Lean Warrior


Dean CoulsonThe Lean Warrior has been created by Dean Coulson, a Multiple Dan Grade Martial artist and Black Belt Hall of Famer. He is also a naturopath  and is fiercely passionate about health and performance and helping people remove their fears and self limiting emotions, through coaching.

Lean Warrior literally means find your essence and face your adversity. Remove the stories and bull shit beliefs holding you back to reveal your true self and then have the courage to step up and BE who you were born to be. Dean wants to help men bridge the gap from where they are stuck and show them how to unleash their true potential, take extreme ownership of who they are through a process of radical responsibility. Its time for you to own every action in your life and make it count!

With that in mind, he created different programs to suit the individual, from recurring membership, to more exclusive one to one coaching for high level performers, entrepreneurs and successful businessmen looking to up their game. Dean knows that everyone is at a different stage of their development and aims to help those who want to help themselves break free on the mediocrity and become something more.

An international best selling author of the fit formula, Dean also spends time writing for various publications including being a nutrition columnist for the UK’s biggest selling Martial arts magazine – Martial Arts Illustrated.

He is also a regular article contributor on various podcasts, websites and magazines, and regularly hosts discussions on various social media platforms around his health paradigm around the world. He also regularly mentors other professionals across the world about health, nutrition and emotional wellbeing.

Dean is also a presenter and speaker, offering success coaching to businesses and regularly gives talks in schools, businesses, organisations and has spoken on courses for other people including Bafta Award Winning writer Geoff Thompson.  He loves imparting his knowledge to anyone who will listen.

Martial arts still play a big part in his life and Dean provides workshops and seminars in personal security and self protection to corporate clients and the general public.

He has been involved in the martial arts for over 30 years, studied several martial arts to black belt level and beyond, is a certified self-protection instructor, studying under the world renowned Geoff Thompson’s real combat system through the British combat association and in 2016 was inducted into the UK black belt hall of fame with Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine.